Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

What a glorious day we had for our field trip to Eastman Nature Center!

We had an awesome time with their "Heads, Tails, Wings and Claws" presentation. It was the perfect addition to our study of animal classification! We saw a funny puppet show about a just-hatched baby turtle. She doesn't know that she's a reptile, and she keeps meeting animals from other classification groups (a deer, a woodpecker, a snail and a frog) and along the way she finds out that even though she's different from those other animals she is special just the way she is!

Then we had a fun game where small groups had to find all of the right body parts for a certain animal (mammal, bird or reptile) and put the parts together to make the mystery animal.

Next, we got to enjoy the gorgeous spring day with a nature hike. We were supposed to be looking for wooden animals from all of the animals groups, but we ended up finding (and being much more interested in) some REAL animals:  a pair of swans on the pond, a butterfly, two millipedes and a red velvet mite. We also saw a squirrel's nest, and heard a goldfinch singing its spring song.

Last but not least, we went back indoors and got to see a real, live turtle! It was a Blanding's Turtle, which is rare and special in Minnesota. He kept crawling around our circle while we were learning about him. Then we got to touch him gently.

It was a GREAT afternoon!  A big thank you to Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Cavanaugh for joining us today!

Here are also some pictures from our final time with our Bio Buddies last week. We learned about animal senses, and how some animals have heightened senses that are much stronger than ours. Did you know that a butterfly tastes with its feet? And that a snake sticks out it tongue to taste the air? Or that a skunk can see really well in the night, but in the daytime, they only see colors as shades of black and white? We imagined what we would look like if we had a super sense and drew a picture to show our thinking. Then we made animal masks and got to eat lunch with our Bio Buddies in the Middle School dining room!  It was a very special way to end our time together.

***Important message from Mrs. Jones in the Library:

For our next STEAM activity, we are creating animal habitats. If you have any empty shoe boxes we might use for our habitats, please bring them to school by NEXT MONDAY, April 24th. Thanks!

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