Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bio Buddies!!!

The Scientists in Room L51 have been busy investigating all of the human body systems this winter.
We have loved having guest speakers come to talk to us about the heart (Mr. Dorr) and the digestive system (Dr. Roberson).

We LOVE the hospital dramatic play center--our human body model "Clyde" has been operated on many times!

Today our Bio Buddies came to help us with an experiment about the digestive system.  We put two crackers into a baggie.  We crunched them up to show how your teeth break down the food while you eat.  Then our bio buddy added a little bit of Sprite.  We learned that there is acid in soda that mimics the enzymes in the stomach that break down food.  We know that the stomach is a muscle, and we gently squeezed our baggie-stomachs to simulate the process of food breaking down in the stomach. It turned into mush.  

As a culminating project, we created a human body organ "vest".  Our bio buddies helped us to put it all together.  We can breathe into our lungs to make them contract and expand with our breaths.  We even added a little treat to our stomachs!  It was GREAT!

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