Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27, 2017

I cannot believe I'm starting to gather things for February lessons.  The months are just flying by!

Kindergarten writers have been immersed in How Tos this week.  Next week we will pick a piece to publish. As part of our celebration, we will each take our published how to to Ms. McCool's preschool class and share it with a preschooler.  We have been trying to write with that audience in mind this week, and the pieces they've produced would make you chuckle:  "How To Count to 100", "How To Get Your Snowpants On By Yourself", "How to Learn the Colors of the Rainbow" and "How To Be a Good Kindergartner" are a few of our favorites!

We are such awesome skip counters!  We've all learned how to skip count by 5s and 10s to 100--I think everyone has earned that medallion.  Ms. Moran and Mrs. Wegner cannot believe that this class has set two world's records for playing the game "Hot Dog":  1:55 seconds for counting by 10s and 1:56 seconds for counting by 5s.  Amazing!  We have begun learning about skip counting by 2s, something Mrs. Wegner has never taught kindergartners before--it was tricky to teach this skill to many first graders way back when, let alone kindergartners!  We started with our own mittens, which we brought into the classroom and put in a big pile.  We learned that our mittens are paired up.  We also learned that a lot of our body parts come in pairs:  eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc.  By pairing up our mittens, we could count them by 2s.  We circled the numbers on a 100s chart that you need to say to count by 2s, and noticed all kinds of patterns.  We talked about even numbers.  And odd numbers.  When you skip count by 2s, you are saying all of the even numbers.  These kids love to talk about math!  We learned that it's pretty easy to count by 2s at first:  "2, 4, 6, 8, 10..." but then it gets tricky pretty quickly.  We will continue to practice with manipulatives to help us for awhile before we tackle Hot Dog by 2s.

The biggest excitement this week was learning that we will have a new student join our class!  We will welcome Amelia Cain and her parents Tara and Rob to Room L51 on Monday!  Amelia was a visitor in our class last week, and will now be a wonderful addition to our classroom community.  Her big sister Ella is a freshman here, so the family is familiar with Breck, but are newcomers to the Lower School.  I have been so proud of our children, preparing for her arrival.  They want to make certain she has everything she needs when she enters the classroom.  They dictated a list with over 14 items they felt I needed to prepare for her.  I think they've covered all of the bases--they definitely thought of many little touches I hadn't considered.  They are showing such thoughtfulness and kindness.

Valentines' Day is right around the corner, and some of you (or your children) may already be planning your valentines.  We will be sending home a class list and directions for valentines early next week to help in your planning.

Just a reminder--this coming Friday is our next skating day.  This time we are skating in the afternoon, from 2-3.  Please help your child to remember their skates, helmet and bag on Friday! Remember, even if you did not sign up to help tie skates, all are welcome to join us--the more, the merrier!

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