Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

What a week!  We finished up our study of shapes with a STEAM activity.  First, we studied a stained glass window created by Frank Lloyd Wright, The Avery Cooney Playhouse: Triptych Window.

We noticed that the artist used lots of shapes in his design, and we especially liked how he made some of the shapes overlap each other.  A lot of us really liked the American flags he incorporated into the window's design.  We discovered lots of different patterns in the window.  Then, we each got to design our own "stained glass window".  The only directions were to use at least one of each shape available, and to be creative.  And they certainly were!  We are in the process of having each child record a description of their window on Seesaw--if your child's isn't up yet, look for it early next week.

We are having SO MUCH FUN in writing workshop!  We love sitting knee-to-knee with our writing buddy, sharing ideas for writing topics with each other.  We find that we are often by inspired by our buddy's ideas.  A popular topic this week has been "What I had for breakfast."  We LOVE getting to project our pieces on the TV, sharing our writing with the whole class!

Our study of The Five Senses continued this week with a Popcorn Sensory Investigation.  We watched popcorn pop in an old-fashioned popper.  We used all of our senses to describe what we noticed and experienced. 

 After we enjoyed the delicious treat, we created this chart of our observations:

We completed a series of formal assessments with each child this week.  We will be sharing the results of these tests with you and setting goals together for your child at our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Kindergarten students are not required to attend the conference, however, if you need to bring your child with you, we will provide activities for them to do while they wait outside the classroom.  We are truly looking forward to meeting with you and strengthening our partnership.  When parents, teachers and children work towards a common goal, success is inevitable!

Friday, September 23, 2016

September 23, 2016

·      In reading workshop, we are learning that stories are told across pages.  Readers sound like storytellers, connecting the pages in their books as they read.  We are learning to look at the faces of the characters, think about the story and act out parts of the book with our reading buddies.  We are having a LOT of fun doing this!  It is wonderful to see children using expressive voices as they retell classroom favorites like The Gingerbread Man.  

    We have also been having a ball creating puppet shows this week, starring, you guessed it--The Gingerbread Man!

         During writing workshop, we are working on thinking about something that happened to us; sketching a picture that helps to tell the story; and retelling the story to a partner.  Orally retelling a story is great practice for writing.  We will be having “talk time” every day to help us become more comfortable with this process.

·      We are continuing to practice penmanship. We are learning to print both letters and numerals using the Handwriting Without Tears printing method. The handwriting papers your child has been bringing home were created using this system as a guide.  Beginning in October, we will be asking the children to try and print their name using an uppercase letter only for the first letter, and the rest lower case.  This will take much remembering and practice for most children, as typically preschoolers (from any preschool) have learned to recognize and print their name in all capitals. 

    We are learning about our five senses.  We know that our senses help us learn about the world around us.  This week, we read a silly book I Hear a Pickle, by Rachel Isadora.  We made refrigerator pickles, and all the while we were exploring our five senses.  None of us (not even the teachers!) has made refrigerator pickles, so it has been a lot of fun to observe and record the changes we noticed in the cucumbers each day, and to see, touch, smell and taste the dill, peppercorn, garlic, cardamom seeds and mustard seeds before we added it to the mason jar.  Today, we finally got to taste the pickles.  Three of us really liked the pickles, a few more of us thought they were just okay, and the rest of us ended up not liking them much.  But we all agreed it was a fun project! And we did discover that you CAN hear a pickle--they went *crunch* when we bit them!  A big THANK YOU goes out to Mrs. Preissing for helping us with the cooking portion of the activity!

                                    Day One                                                                Day Three


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Homecoming!

Happy Homecoming!

We showed our school spirit by making signs and pompoms to decorate our room and to cheer on the Homecoming Court!  

Preschool and Kindergarten had our own private Homecoming parade with the king and queen candidates.  We learned the Mustang cheer! Go Breck!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15, 2016

What an exciting day!!!!!!!!!

After hearing our very most favorite version of the Gingerbread Man yet, The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Campbell Ernst, we learned that we were going to make and decorate our own gingerbread cookies for snack!  

We could hardly contain our excitement through the rest of the morning, lunch, recess and rest time.  Wow!!! Did we ever do a fantastic job creating our masterpieces!  

Then we took them down to the big oven in the kitchen to bake while we went to PE. 


When we came back to get them out of the oven, they were gone!  We found a note in their place, and we ended up chasing them all over the school! 

We even went to Mrs. Bailey's office, and she joined the hunt with us!  

We finally found them back in our classroom, ready to eat!  They were delicious!!!


Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

·      We are learning about all of the many areas of our school.  As we become more familiar with this large building, the more confident we become moving throughout the school.   Already we can find our way to Spanish, Gym C, Artville, and Music.


·      We have enjoyed some stories about the Gingerbread Man this week.   We know that this is such an old story that we don’t know who the first author is anymore, but have noticed that each author that retells the story does so in a slightly different way.  It’s been fun to compare each book as we read it, finding similarities and differences among the versions.  We will continue hearing more versions next week!

·      We introduced graphing in Math. We made a boy/girl graph of our class.  It is a pictograph, which means we drew pictures of ourselves to represent ourselves in the graph. We learned that there are 7 girls and 6 boys in Room L51.  There are MORE girls and LESS boys.  We even discovered that there is one more girl, and that we can write and read a number sentence:  7 and 6 are 13, or an equation, 7 + 6 = 13 to go with our graph.

·      We are timing ourselves to see how long we can read and write during our Reading and Writing Workshops.  We are up to 10 minutes of independent reading time, and 13 minutes of writing time.  We are building up stamina and independence.   It is very impressive to observe the children writing and reading with purpose! 

·      During Writing Workshop, we are learning that authors and illustrators often use pictures to help tell their story.  We can tell our stories with words and pictures.  Illustrations are an important part of the story, and we have learned that authors/illustrators can show characters’ emotions and movement.  We’ve added details like labels to help tell our stories.  Some children are writing sentences.  All of the authors of Room L51 are enjoying the end of the workshop share when we get the chance to hear each others’ stories

·      In Reading Workshop, we are learning that good readers have a toolbox of strategies to  use when reading. Our friend “Eagle Eye” helps us remember to look at the pictures and THINK!

·      We are looking forward to our first Chapel next Monday.  Mrs. Z (Zosel) is our Lower School Chaplain.  She will visit our classroom for Religion Class every other cycle, and we will go to Chapel on the opposite cycles.

·      We continued Clifford’s weekend visits.  We draw names out of a can.  He had excellent behavior while visiting Griffin last week.  Today it is Josiah’s turn!  We hope he doesn’t snore!

                                    Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016

Welcome To Kindergarten!!!

We had a great week, and despite a few tears and fears, we all made it--even Mrs. Wegner and Ms. Moran!

We spent the week getting to know our new classmates and teachers and becoming familiar with new routines, materials and procedures.  And having a ton of FUN!