Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

We had tons of fun this week!  Today, say the kids in Room L51, was the BEST.DAY.EVER!!!!  We had:

  •  Pajama day!  The entire school participated in pajama day as a celebration for collecting over 14,000 pounds of food during the "Breck Scares Hunger" food drive.

  • The Hour of Code!  The whole Lower School participated in The Hour of Code, which is a global movement to highlight computer science curriculum.  The kindergartners all gathered together in the LS dining room with our iPads to work on a cool coding app called "Daisy the Dinosaur".

  • Pizza and chocolate milk for lunch!  Need I say more?

  • STEM buddies!  We met with our fourth grade STEM buddies for the first time.   We will get together about once a month to participate in a challenge that combines STEM and Growth Mindset.  Today we had a challenge with our old friend The Gingerbread Man.  Some of the 4th graders put on a little play about the GB Man, who had a growth mindset, and the fox, who had a fixed mindset.  Our challenge was to work with our buddy to create a raft or boat that would carry the gingerbread man safely across the river without getting wet.  Some of us had to go "back to the drawing board" after we tested our device, but in the end, each of us was successful.  It was so much fun!

  • IT WAS SNOWING OUTSIDE OF OUR WINDOW ALL AFTERNOON!  This was perhaps the most exciting event of a day filled with excitement.  There was much talk about winter activities.  Please make sure your child is prepared for recess on Monday with all of their winter gear!  Thanks for your support!

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  1. What an exciting day for the kindergarteners and their friends! The pictures tell a wonderful story of the day. The snow falling in the afternoon was definitely cause for celebration!! We'll need more snow gear tomorrow if the weather people are correct!
    Stay warm, Friends!
    Mrs. Preissing