Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29, 2016

What a wonderfully busy, productive week we enjoyed in kindergarten!

In math, we are focusing on numbers 1-10.  While this may seem very simple, we are really delving into number sense, and how two parts make a whole.  We especially like partner games, where one partner breaks a set of cubes into two parts, hides one part behind their back, and shows the remaining part to their partner.  Then the other partner has to figure out how many are missing to make the whole.

In reading and writing workshops, we are learning that patterns can help us read and write.  We looking for patterns in a book (one with repeated phrases) is one strategy that good readers use.  And we can use patterns when we write, too!  We are taking our investigative writing about natural objects and using that information to write pattern books.

We brought happiness to the residents of Walker Care Center.  We sang and performed and brightened the day of the senior citizens.  "All Things Bright and Beautiful" and "You Are My Sunshine" were two favorites.  We each made a pop-up Halloween card to give to one of the residents.  "We brought them joy with our songs and our cards," said your loving little children.  I think they beautifully summed up the purpose of our service trip!  We will return to the Care Center in May.

Here are some photos from the trip to The Landing last week.  The children eagerly shared all that they remembered about the day with me.  It sounds like it was a fantastic trip!

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