Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

·      We are learning about all of the many areas of our school.  As we become more familiar with this large building, the more confident we become moving throughout the school.   Already we can find our way to Spanish, Gym C, Artville, and Music.


·      We have enjoyed some stories about the Gingerbread Man this week.   We know that this is such an old story that we don’t know who the first author is anymore, but have noticed that each author that retells the story does so in a slightly different way.  It’s been fun to compare each book as we read it, finding similarities and differences among the versions.  We will continue hearing more versions next week!

·      We introduced graphing in Math. We made a boy/girl graph of our class.  It is a pictograph, which means we drew pictures of ourselves to represent ourselves in the graph. We learned that there are 7 girls and 6 boys in Room L51.  There are MORE girls and LESS boys.  We even discovered that there is one more girl, and that we can write and read a number sentence:  7 and 6 are 13, or an equation, 7 + 6 = 13 to go with our graph.

·      We are timing ourselves to see how long we can read and write during our Reading and Writing Workshops.  We are up to 10 minutes of independent reading time, and 13 minutes of writing time.  We are building up stamina and independence.   It is very impressive to observe the children writing and reading with purpose! 

·      During Writing Workshop, we are learning that authors and illustrators often use pictures to help tell their story.  We can tell our stories with words and pictures.  Illustrations are an important part of the story, and we have learned that authors/illustrators can show characters’ emotions and movement.  We’ve added details like labels to help tell our stories.  Some children are writing sentences.  All of the authors of Room L51 are enjoying the end of the workshop share when we get the chance to hear each others’ stories

·      In Reading Workshop, we are learning that good readers have a toolbox of strategies to  use when reading. Our friend “Eagle Eye” helps us remember to look at the pictures and THINK!

·      We are looking forward to our first Chapel next Monday.  Mrs. Z (Zosel) is our Lower School Chaplain.  She will visit our classroom for Religion Class every other cycle, and we will go to Chapel on the opposite cycles.

·      We continued Clifford’s weekend visits.  We draw names out of a can.  He had excellent behavior while visiting Griffin last week.  Today it is Josiah’s turn!  We hope he doesn’t snore!

                                    Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Wow< it has been a busy week in kindergarten! Your reading and writing stamina is impressive! That's a lot of minutes, but I'm not so surprised! This group of learners is super! Keep your eagle eyes out, Kindergarteners!
    Mrs. Preissing