Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

What a week!  We finished up our study of shapes with a STEAM activity.  First, we studied a stained glass window created by Frank Lloyd Wright, The Avery Cooney Playhouse: Triptych Window.

We noticed that the artist used lots of shapes in his design, and we especially liked how he made some of the shapes overlap each other.  A lot of us really liked the American flags he incorporated into the window's design.  We discovered lots of different patterns in the window.  Then, we each got to design our own "stained glass window".  The only directions were to use at least one of each shape available, and to be creative.  And they certainly were!  We are in the process of having each child record a description of their window on Seesaw--if your child's isn't up yet, look for it early next week.

We are having SO MUCH FUN in writing workshop!  We love sitting knee-to-knee with our writing buddy, sharing ideas for writing topics with each other.  We find that we are often by inspired by our buddy's ideas.  A popular topic this week has been "What I had for breakfast."  We LOVE getting to project our pieces on the TV, sharing our writing with the whole class!

Our study of The Five Senses continued this week with a Popcorn Sensory Investigation.  We watched popcorn pop in an old-fashioned popper.  We used all of our senses to describe what we noticed and experienced. 

 After we enjoyed the delicious treat, we created this chart of our observations:

We completed a series of formal assessments with each child this week.  We will be sharing the results of these tests with you and setting goals together for your child at our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Kindergarten students are not required to attend the conference, however, if you need to bring your child with you, we will provide activities for them to do while they wait outside the classroom.  We are truly looking forward to meeting with you and strengthening our partnership.  When parents, teachers and children work towards a common goal, success is inevitable!

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  1. I love having this window into your class activities. Frank Lloyd Wright is such an inspirational designer. His strong lines are easy to spot in his art work and his houses. The kindergarten artists in L51 really took on the challenge in their own window designs. Popcorn! What a great way to talk about all five senses!! Yummy!
    Hugs from,
    Mrs. Preissing